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Dog Walking + Pet Sitting + Plant Care

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Our Background

Welcome! I'm Brieann, owner of Sincerely Pets & Plants. We're a small Minneapolis based company dedicated to taking care of your favorite things. We're professional, experienced, trustworthy and kind.  We operate primarly in the Minneapolis area and limited parts of St.Paul and offer everything from pet services and plant care to house check ins and mail pick up. Need a hand with something? Send a message to with your name, address, dates of service requested and service type you're hoping to book. Thanks so much!

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We offer dog walking and pet sitting for all types of animals. We’d love to feed your snake, take your old dog for a slow stroll around the block, play with your cat or let your bunny stretch their legs. Have a pet that needs regular meds? No problem!   We've got experience with most types and most animals and what we don't already know, we'd love to learn! 

Visits are scheduled in 15 minute blocks so you can customize the day according to you and your pets needs. 

Regular visits can be scheduled between 8 am and 7 pm Monday- Friday. Visits scheduled outside of this time frame are “After Hours” and an additional $10.00 charge will apply. This charge also applies on holidays. 

To start service please email 

15 minute visit $19.00

30 minute visit $27.00

45 minute visit $33.00

60 minute visit $39.00

+ pet* / $10.00

+plants** / $5.00-$10.00

Weekends / +$5.00

After-Hours & Holidays +$10.00

Emergency / Last Minute visits*** +$10.00

*+ pet fee applies to additional dogs for walks as well as boarding and for any additional pets that may need care during boarding (except fish, we're not going to charge you $10.00 to feed the fish. Unless they are like, pirhanas that need their meat cut up. Then we might) 

** +plant fee will be charged with accompanying animal care according to quantity of plants and extent of care needed. 

*** Visits scheduled same day are subject to a +$10.00 fee. We will always try to make time for your pet even on short notice if we can! 

We allow ten days from billing date for payment and will charge a 10% late fee after day ten. 



We offer indoor and outdoor plant care as well as general home services like mail and package pickup while you're away. We're here to adjust the blinds, water, fertilize and even offer in home and virtual plant consultations to asses common problems with plants and develop solutions to help them thrive. 

Since plant care is dependent on quantity of plants and level of care needed we book in 15 minute increments so you can make a schedule that works for you. We can do anything from watering and fertilizing to picking and weeding while you're away. We know that growing season in Minnesota is finicky so we like to be flexible and communicative about visit durations in regards to the weather etc. To estimate visit length needed we ask that you time how long it takes you to do the plant chores necessary and use that as a rough estimate for service duration when booking. 

To start service please email 

15 minute visit $19.00

30 minute visit $27.00

45 minute visit $33.00

60 minute visit $39.00

Weekends/ +$5.00 

After hours & Holidays / +$10.00

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We are so grateful for the opportunity to spend our time with your pets + plants.

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